Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Cameron!!

Cameron turned 3 yesterday!  He is the sweetest little boy in the whole world!  Full of love and kisses and hugs for everyone (even Kennedy!)  He is obsessed with anything and everything superhero, so it was easy to shop for him this year!  We tried to take him out to dinner to celebrate, but he wanted to stay home to "PLAY".  He loves to play!  Happy Birthday sweet boy - we love you so much!

Kennedy made Cameron an unbelievable superhero birthday card.  
It was Wonder Woman, but you can see that Cameron still approved!
 Captain America shield!  Just one of the many gifts!
 Little stinker smile.  Admiring the yummy cookies his cousins sent!
 My little librarian!  Kennedy had Career Dress-Up Day at school and she chose to be a 
librarian, all on her own.  I think she's adorable!
 What a proud moment!  Kennedy had a Fun Run at school and ran all 35 laps.  
She was amazing and had SO much fun!
 And my sweet little Clare.  She is talking and talking more every day.  Her vocabulary is 
crazy!  She enjoyed the blueberry pancakes for Cameron's birthday breakfast!!

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Kiera said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet Cameron!!! Hope you had a Super great day:)