Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a week!!!

We made it through the first part of our move!  Last week, we moved into a temporary apartment and out of our house.  Kids are having fun in the apartment and Kennedy and Cameron are SHARING A ROOM!  Bedtime is a little challenging, but we're managing. Looking forward to July when we make the move to our new house in Georgia!
Lots of fun at school before the end of the year!  
We celebrated Kennedy's July birthday and Mom's Day!
Clare helped me pack up the house while Kennedy & Cameron were at school.  
She took a lot of snack breaks!
 What to do after a big move?  Pack em up and go on a road trip to St Louis!  
The crew eating IMOs pizza!
 Party time at Nonna & Poppa's house.  Everyone had a great time 
(and a little too much wine thanks to Poppa!)
 Yummy Corn!!!
Sweet Elle!  We love you and had so much fun hanging out.  See you soon!