Monday, March 8, 2010

Bad Bad Mommy!

So, I feel like a terrible mother. I still haven't found my camera adapter, and I haven't posted any new pics in a long time. I'm very sorry! Work is consuming my life right now, but after March, things should return to normal!! And...I promise to get a new camera adapter!

What has Kennedy been up to? Talking, talking, talking. She is talking so much! OK Mama. OK Dada. Night night Mama. Night night Dada. Mama - I pooped. Mama - I'm wet! Go DG! (her word for doggie) These are just a few of her favorite sayings!
She had her first Pop's milkshake the other day. I had to pry it out of her hands!
She loves wearing pig tails, or as she calls them, PIGGIES!Wearing a sily headband!
Last weekend, Chloe & Payton came to stay at Mimi's, and the girls had so much fun. They played and played and played. Kennedy calls both of them Pay Pay, but they don't seem to mind!

Making muffins for breakfast.
Enjoying some nuggets and french fries at Maw's house.