Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Help raise money for American Brittany Rescue

It's time for the Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter Challenge. The shelter with the largest number of entries wins! There are other smaller prizes also, but ABR wants the BIG ONE! Please forward the voting info to EVERYONE you know! You can vote every day!

- Go to: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge.faces?siteId=3&link=ctg_ars_shelterchallenge_from_home_sidetabs
- In the purple box type in American Brittany Rescue, Inc. and for state put in IL.
(DO NOT put in the state you live in! Everyone needs to use the same state!)
- Again in the next purple box that comes up it should say American Brittany Rescue, Inc., Earlsville, IL
- On the right is a VOTE button. Click that and you're done!

Remember: VOTE DAILY! It only takes a couple minutes of your time and all those sweet Brittanys are definitely worth a couple minutes!! THANKS!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

11 months!

Kennedy is 11 months old today! Gosh, how time flies. She amazes us every day and continues to keep us on our toes. You can't leave her for 1 second (or even half a second). She is so fast and curious about everything. The stairs are her FAVORITE trick these days. We've blocked access from the family room to the stairs, but she's already figured out that she can take the long way and go through the kitchen and dining room. She squeals with excitement the whole time! Hanging out in her chair with Blah (her favorite dolly)

She loves to play with the box that the baby gates came in...so fun!
Can you see her face in this picture?
She's thinking..."ha ha - these gates aren't going to stop me!"
This week, we're headed to St Louis for a week with Matt's family. We're SO excited to spend time with everyone...especially Grammie J. She hasn't seen Kennedy since Thanksgiving (is that possible?!) After that, we're onto Chicago where I have to work, and Kennedy will get to hang out with all her cousins. We're having a joint birthday party for Kennedy, Cooper & Claudia. It will probably be awhile before my next post, but I'm sure there will be lots to report!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feeding myself!

Kennedy is very interested in feeding herself with a spoon. You can't tell from these pictures, but she actually does get some food in her mouth!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lots of cute pictures!!!

We had another fun-filled week! Kennedy played with friends and had a alot more fun on her splash pad. I think this was a good investment!!
This is one of her newer tricks. She thinks its hilarious...as you can see! She is getting sillier every day!!
Kennedy rarely sits still for me to take pictures any more. So...I have to be ready when the opportunity comes. She's watching something on tv. I thought this was so sweet!!
Two seconds later...and she's off and running again!!
We had a playdate this week with Mary, Jackson & Caroline. They all had a great time! Caroline is still too small to play in the water, but maybe next year!!
How cute is Jackson? Matt came home and all the kids were sitting around in their diapers. Jackson got in trouble with Kennedy's Daddy!! ;)
Mary & Kennedy playing with their toys at dinner the other night. You should have seen the floor when we were done. It looked like a tornado came through!!
Here's Kennedy and Matt on Father's Day. Matt is being silly, of course, and Kennedy LOVES it! They are best buddies and love to play around!
Erin came over to check out the splash pad too!! How cute!
That's all, for now. We're gearing up for our big summer trip to Lake of the Ozarks with Matt's family. We haven't seen most of them since January, and we can't wait to catch up. After that, its onto Chicago where we're going to have an early birthday party for Kennedy and her cousins. We can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Splish Splash

Kennedy loves the water! Her friend Erin invited her to go swimming this past weekend. Thanks Erin!Kennedy played on her new "splash pad" on Sunday. As you can see...she had a great time!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catching up on the past couple weeks!

Its been awhile since our last post...we've been busy again! Mimi and Pops came for a few days, and it was a blast! Here's Mimi and Kennedy at dinner. (Kennedy has a little ice cream on her lip!!)
Mimi bought Kennedy a robe. Here she is after a bath. She thinks the robe is really cool!
Kennedy & Mary at the concert in the park last Wednesday. They are so cute together!!
Aunt Megan & Uncle Steve came to visit last week. We were all sitting outside, enjoying the nice weather. Kennedy really put on a show for us. She was making the silliest faces all weekend!
We're watching our friend Lady for a few days. Kennedy loves Lady!
Playing in the grass!
Kennedy FINALLY has another tooth coming in...YEAH!!!