Monday, September 28, 2009

Band Groupies!

Friday night, we finally got to hear The Tim Tyler Band. They were great, and we had a fun night out with friends! We played in the backyard forever on Sunday! Kennedy finally mastered climbing up the stairs to her slide! proud of herself!All ready for "school" this morning. She didn't even cry when I dropped her off...such a big girl!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Kennedy is very vocal these days. She speaks her own special language! In addition to our favorite, "oh yeah", she has a few new ones that we can make out - shoes, hello, car and uh oh (is that a word?) Here's some pictures from the past week...

Eating her first bite of Maw's famous pound cake. Unfortunately, Maw didn't make it, I did! We miss you Maw and hope you feel better soon!Kennedy stayed with Grammie Nana and Papa for a couple days while Matt and I were out of town. She loved chasing Snickers (the cat) and playing with Bon Bon, which was Matt's toy when he was little.Kennedy, Mary & Jackson enjoyed their first LIVE show this weekend- Elmo Live. They were hilarious to watch...dancing, clapping and having so much fun. Thanks for inviting us!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catching up

Its been a couple weeks since I posted. Let's see...what have we done? Last weekend, we went to Charleston, and Matt and I had a day/night out! We went shopping, took a carriage tour in downtown Charleston and went out for a very nice dinner. Here's a picture of us on the rooftop bar at the Market Pavilion Hotel. We had a great time but couldn't wait to get back to see Kennedy. She stayed with Grammie Nana and Papa, and they all had a great time too!Matt and Kennedy - ready to go to the pool - doing a little dancing!Hanging out at the pool!Sunday night, we went to a beer/wine tasting, and Kennedy had a ball. She wanted nothing to do with sitting in her stroller...just wanted to walk around and see everyone! Back home, Kennedy has found two new favorite things...playing on the porch and BUTTER! Every time I open the freezer, she goes straight for the box. Kennedy loves watermelon, but up until now, she's only had bite-sized pieces. Matt took her on the front porch yesterday, and they each had their own slice. It was SO cute!