Monday, May 24, 2010

Ready for Summer!

We had our first "summer-like" weekend in Chicagoland, and I can tell that Kennedy is ready for the nice weather! We had a great time hanging out with the Babbs on Saturday and meeting sweet little Alexis! Kennedy and Braden took a trip to the park with their dads, and Matt sent me this hilarious picture. (Can you see the beers in the cup holders?!)

Ready for a day of playing in the yard and helping Mimi & Pops with the landscaping.

While I went to get my hair done, Matt & Kennedy took a lunch break at Portillos. Silly girl!!

Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, May 17, 2010

First trip to Rainbow Cone

Growing up, we made many trips to the Original Rainbow Cone for ice cream Sometimes, we'd get to go in our pajamas, which we thought was very fun! We'd get our cones and then sit outside in the parking lot and eat them. Those were the good old days!

Matt & I took Kennedy for her first Rainbow cone yesterday. The orginal Ranbow cone includes lots of flavors - orange sherbert, pistachio, palmer house, strawberry & chocolate. You have to try it to know how good it is (and being pregnant doesn't hurt either!) For her first visit, Kennedy had a plain vanilla cone, but she didn't seem to mind. She loved it!
This was my cone (and this is a small!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pregnancy Brain!

Oh, did I forget to mention that I am PREGNANT?!! We met some friends for dinner last night, and they had no idea that we are expecting another baby! So...I thought I should make some sort of official announcement on the blog! YES, we are expecting again! I am almost 23 weeks and feeling great, except for some terrible pain in my lower back and leg :( We don't know the sex, but we're thinking BOY. Who knows? We'll be very happy with either! I don't think that Kennedy has any idea what's going on, but she loves to touch my belly and say BABY!

I am also excited to announce that we found a house!! We still haven't sold our house in Atlanta, but with another baby on the way, we need a place to live! Its needs a little TLC, and we hope to be able to close soon to start renovations. Will keep you posted on the progress...

Back to the pregnancy brain...I misplaced my camera adapter AGAIN! The following pics are from my phone, and let's hope I can find that adapter again soon! The first two are from our road trip back to GA. Kennedy was a trooper the whole trip. She enjoyed our dinner stops. Here she is giving Bla a little drink and playing on the barstools at Steak & Shake.

First trip of the year to Brookfield zoo with all the cousins. Looking very cool in her Minnie Mouse shades!Showing us her "silly face" (not sure where she learned this one!)

Weekend sleepover with Chloe & Payton. They sat and played the piano cute!

Our evening ritual, playing in the yard. She thought it was very fun to drink out of my water bottle!