Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I can't believe she's almost 2!!!

Its unbelievable that Kennedy will be 2 in a month! WOW, how the time flies. Every day is an adventure with her. She is so dramatic (not sure where she gets that!) and amazes me with her words and imagination.

Great news...I think we may have FINALLY parted with the pacifer! Luckily, while I was out of town, Mimi put her to bed without the "pai" (as Kennedy likes to call it) and we haven't seen it since. Whew, thanks Mimi! Here's some fun pics from the past week or so...

Kennedy and Matt made a visit to my office, and we took Kennedy to the Disney store. She found this Minnie Mouse and dragged it around the entire store...sorry Minnie!
Then she found the matching Mickey, and we knew we were in trouble! Luckily, we left with a smaller Mickey and Goofy to add to her collection.
Hanging out with Cooper (or Poopah as Kennedy calls him) at Max's baseball game.
Getting a few groceries at Trader Joes.
Playing in the pool with Mr. Lucky Dog.

Taking a break in the shade!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

First MOVIE!

For Father's Day, Matt wanted to take Kennedy to the movies. I thought it was a little risky, but we did it! Kennedy was so excited! "Movies Daddy, Movies - Toy Story!" We got to the theatre for the 10:30am showing of Toy Story 3, only to find out that it didn't start until 11:30 (oops to me!)

So...we bought our tickets and then killed an hour. She wasn't as excited when we arrived back at the theatre, but that all changed when the big bag of popcorn arrived and I let her hold my large cherry icee! She loved sitting in the seat by herself and was amazed by the big screen and all the previews. She almost made it through the whole movie, but melted down about 5 minutes before it ended. All in all, it was a great time, and I think we can try it again (just make sure Dad double checks the movie time!)
Happy Father's Day to my loving husband and Kennedy's wonderful Daddy! And Happy Father's Day to my Dad and father-in-law. Love you all!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Loves the water and dancing!

Now I remember why we wanted to move back to Chicago! Back in January/February, I was questioning our sanity, but now that the weather is nice, its good to be back!

Kennedy had a fun time with her cousins on Friday. They all get along so well and love to play together. Here they are enjoying some McDonalds at the park.Saturday, we celebrated Coo-Coo's Christmas. You may be thinking...what the heck is Coo-Coo's Christmas? Coo-Coo is my aunt (her real name is Cindy) and every year she has everyone over to exchange silly gifts. She used to have it around Christmas, but with everyone's crazy schedules, it somehow shifted to June. Coo-Coo had a great setup for all the kids...2 swimming pools, a slide, countless toys, juice boxes and even special suprises in the basement. Kennedy was the first to arrive and didn't waste any time getting into her suit and trying out the pool.After swimming for awhile, she decided she wanted to put her dress back on. She was done swimming...until all the kids got back in! She pulled off her dress and back in she went. I was too lazy to put her suit back on, so here she is!Sunday, we headed down to my sisters to go to Mayfest, a German festival in Lincoln Square. It was a nice walk from their house, but as soon as we arrived, the rain started! Luckily, they had a huge tent with entertainment. Kennedy and Chloe danced forever while Uncle Scott & Pops decided they needed to try the "boot of beer"!!Pops bought all the girls ice cream bars for the walk home. As you can see, Kennedy really enjoyed it!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tutu and new friend

The other day, Kennedy decided she wanted to play outside in her tutu...ONLY her tutu! She is so funny!We had a great Memorial Day weekend with our friends Matt & Melanie. They have Brody who is 2 1/2, and Kennedy had a blast playing with him. They were so cute together! The Browns are expecting #2 in a couple weeks. Good luck and come visit us soon!